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Pre-order your 2013 Cigna Medicare Rx (PDP) Plan Enrollment Materials so you’ll be ready for the upcoming 2013 AEP. Due to CMS regulations, you cannot use your materials prior to October 1, 2012. Click here to find out how to pre-order your materials today.

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Tips for Communicating with the Hearing Impaired

Working with the aging population can be satisfying. But what happens when you are faced with some of the challenges aging presents? Around one-third of Americans 65 to 74 years of age have hearing loss*. Click here for a couple of tips to help guide you when communicating with the hearing impaired.

Cigna completes its acquisition of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group

As of August 31, 2012, Cigna's acquisition of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group (GASB) was completed. If you missed this exciting announcement, click here to read more.

Learn more about 2013 Cigna Medicare Rx® (PDP) Plans

2012 has been a one of Cigna's best growth years to date. Looking towards 2013, we are expecting continued growth. Learn more about our 2013 Cigna Medicare Rx (PDP) plans so that, together, we can be part of this success! Read the details from the 8/30/12 Producer Update.


Certify to sell 2013 Cigna Medicare Rx (PDP)

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2013 lessons include:

  • Lesson 1 2013: National Part D Product Overview
  • Lesson 2 2013: Arizona MAPD Product Overview

AHIP Training and Credits
Once you have completed and passed the 2013 AHIP training, there are two ways to get your credit:

  1. Fax your 2013 AHIP certificate with your Cigna Agent ID written on top of the document to Cigna at (248) 729-2364 and get credit for successfully completing the AHIP training. A mandatory fax cover sheet is required and can be located on the website or by clicking here. 
  2. Or scan and email your AHIP certificate to Be sure to write your Agent ID on the certificate before you send it.

For questions on training, contact the Cigna University Help Desk at 1-866-228-1920 between 8am – 8pm EST, Monday through Friday, or send an email to


September 12, 2012


Roughly one third of Americans 65 to 74 years of age and 47% of those 75 and older have hearing loss.*


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*"Hearing Loss: Signs, Treatment, Prevention", Marlo Scolitto, 2012.

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